Our mission is to increase hope for all students and empower them to make mindful higher education and career decisions.
We believe teachers have enough to manage and they appreciate free, simple, and engaging learning resources to use in classrooms.

ChatterHigh teachers receive a curriculum aligned resource with simple web based features like the classroom dashboard to track, monitor, and assess student participation and progress. All for free.

We believe students select careers and higher education programs based on what they know. If it’s not between their nose and their phone it doesn’t exist.

ChatterHigh students receive a fun, mobile, daily, 10 minute, 10 question, edu-game in the form of a quiz that allows them to research and explore thousands of higher education and career options.

We believe there is a better way for career and higher education organizations to engage students by rethinking how they use their limited budgets.

ChatterHigh partners use quiz questions that lead to their current web and social media assets to engage students with unique information and offerings in their institution or organization. No paper, no printing, no shipping.

We believe that fun and games build a better community because really, who doesn’t want fun and games?

ChatterHigh provides opportunities for teachers to network with each other in fun class-to-class ChatterHigh Challenges to determine who has the Most Informed Class. ChatterHigh provides students with learning that is fun and where points, badges and rankings are displayed on their personal dashboard. Schools can compete for cash in regional and national ChatterHigh’s \"Most Informed\" School and Student Competitions. ChatterHigh offers our partners a variety of opportunities to participate in challenges and competitions. Fun and games fill our community.

The historical space and humble beginnings

Once per year, since the 1950’s, higher education and career organization set up their tables in high school gymnasiums or conference centers and send boxes of print materials to the school counselling offices. In 2009 ChatterHigh’s founder, Lee Taal set out to find a better way to engage the higher education and the career community with the K-12 school community.

His idea was piloted in Victoria, Canada in cooperation with Camosun College, the University of Victoria and area high schools for three years to prove the concept. The pilot phase finished with Lee invited to keynote Spectrum Community School’s graduation ceremony, a school of 1300 that had over 100 parents, 30 teachers and 500 students participating in the daily quizzes, raising $3000 towards dry grad.

ChatterHigh incorporated in 2012 and spread across BC, and then Alberta in 2013, as a single person business. In 2015, Lee raised funds from ‘angel investors’ that, along with revenue from participating institutions and provincial organizations, allowed him to grow the team. In September 2015 ChatterHigh went national with Canada’s first post-secondary and career exploration competition. In April 2016 we became international, launching our product in Minnesota and California.

In the 2015-16 school year, ChatterHigh created over 1.6 million engagements on partner websites. An innovative, fun and useful resource for both those with the information and those that need to explore it, ChatterHigh is quickly becoming the primary communication channel for higher education and career organizations to engage the high school community.