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A research-proven, award winning career exploration activity

Sometimes all it takes is a spark. Our ‘smart’ quiz guides your teen through college and university websites to build their knowledge of the possibilities, capture their interests, and help spark the conversation.

Divergent exploration


Convergent planning

Why parents love us

"Navigating conversations with teenagers about their future plans is never easy. ChatterHigh is a bridge builder between parent and teen. It creates great conversations about values, hopes, and possibilities."

- Kyla Ward, parent

Divergent exploration

Our smart quiz starts by broadening young people's knowledge of what is possible, exposing them to all the ‘families’ of majors they can study.

The activity guides them to real world web pages to discover, build familiarity and confidence. Students rank their interest as they explore so our quiz algorithm can provide more personalized content.


Dashboards display top interests in careers, programs, colleges and universities. Job codes and links to official Labor Market Information help your teen dig deeper on a potential career path.

Convergent planning

Your teen will unlock a report that ranks their top majors of interest, and possible college and university matches.

This exercise helps your teen discover possibilities, passions, and potential paths. It will support meaningful discussions so they can make mindful decisions about their future.

“ChatterHigh’s unique ‘research and learn’ activity was designed with a youth-first perspective in mind, increasing student engagement, enjoyment, and confidence.”

Gamified features that motivate engagement and learning

Impact analysis of ChatterHigh (CCDF, 2018)

Of teachers said ChatterHigh increases knowledge and awareness of options.

Of students said ChatterHigh made them feel more hopeful, motivated and engaged in regards to their future.

More likely to know the next steps for the path they want to follow.

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