Our Mission

To support building adaptable, informed, and hopeful young adults.

“Like hunting submarines, we must constantly look over the horizon to the goal of a career, which is a moving target and unclear, and ‘ping’ back to today to see if we are on any sort of path that makes sense. If we believe we are on a path we can follow, we have ‘hope’. Hope is the biggest predictor of our success. Hopeful students are more engaged in their studies. This helps them become adaptable, which prepares them to thrive in an uncertain future.”

The Problem We Solve

Many students are unaware of what jobs or programs are available after high school. To help them broaden their knowledge, information is traditionally provided to K-12 with pre-internet methods of communication (i.e. brochures, presenters, or career fairs), all sub-optimal methods to engage today’s teen.

Online tools used in schools start with survey-style assessments that yield career clusters to consider, and then provide tools to dig deeper. This helps narrow post-secondary options quickly. This is known as ‘convergent thinking.' It avoids addressing the challenge of motivating ‘pre-inquiry’ students (those with no interest yet) to actively build their knowledge of what is possible, and then guide them..

ChatterHigh.io (home) and ChatterHigh.com (classrooms) guide students to explore all major occupational clusters (‘divergent thinking’) while building familiarity and fluency with post-secondary/career websites. Self-reflection and curation of their interests as they explore helps them refine their interests (‘convergent thinking’) and provide possible pathways. This helps result in more confident and hopeful young adults, ready to have informed discussions with parents and counselors about their transition from high school.

Our History

ChatterHigh.com was founded in 2012 with the goal of making it fun for students to explore life after high school. In 2017, we were named EdTech of the Year in Canada and we incorporated in the United States.

In 2018, a study on ChatterHigh was conducted by the Canadian Career Development Foundation (CCDF) on behalf of a provincial government. This research was presented by CCDF at career development conferences globally, and was published in a peer-reviewed journal in Asia, coinciding with the launch of ChatterHigh.io, in March, 2019.

Since inception, we have helped hundreds of thousands of learners explore possibilities, find their passions, and seek their path.

An innovative, positive, and useful resource for students, ChatterHigh is quickly becoming an essential part of the teenager’s high school education and career toolbox.

Our Team

Lee Taal
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Carl Repp
Executive Vice President
Glen Hallam
Chief Technical Officer
Alexandra Dawes
Chief Financial Officer
Allen Ballman
Senior Developer
Mike Sproule
Partner Ambassador
Deborah Deacon
Content Manager
Catherine Munro
Relationship Manager
Kathaleen McCormick
Marketing Manager

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Research-proven (CCDF, 2018)
Award-winning (EdTech of the Year, 2017)
EdTech Awards, Cool Tool Finalist 2019